Monday, October 30, 2006

Lesson 3 - Mount Choke w/ Palms Up

Reach on diagonal the opponent’s collar with your palm up doing a good grip.

With your other hand going to under your forearm doing a good grip with palm up.

Now you need turn your wrist trying to touch your thumb on opponent’s neck (with your fists locked). When you are doing it you will lose your balance to forward, don’t fight against it.

Use your losing balance driving your forehead (sometimes face) to the ground on the same side of your top forearm. At this moment, like on with all chokes from mount, you need keep your self on top using only your forehead and knees because your hands are busy. Imagine a triangle base using your knees and forehead. Let some space in-between your belly and his face.

Use your abs power and pull the opponent’s head from the ground to your belly. Trying to increase the distance in-between your elbows, but don’t use 100% of your power. Use only 40% and keep it, if it wasn’t enough to submit him increase 20% more and keep it. Different than joints locks, all chokes you need keep the pressure until the opponent tap. Some times few seconds will be enough, some times minutes.