Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lesson 7 - "Americana" from Mount

You are on mount. You have many options to attack your opponent. Now we will see the “Americana” or key lock like some people call in US.

Reach on diagonal, with your palm down, the opponent’s wrist.

Keeping his arm bended and put his wrist on the ground.

Set your elbow on the ground really tied on opponent’s neck and trapezium muscle. At this moment is very important keep his arm bended because he will fight against it.

Drive your other hand under your opponent’s elbow, and using your palm down, reach your own wrist.

Pay attention on the subtle of let your thumbs close with fingers like “monkey hand”.

Everything is already. To submit your opponent you need keep on the ground your forearm that is reaching his wrist. Keep his hand on the ground also all the time. Lift your other forearm that is reaching your own wrist, in consequence you will lift his elbow. At the same time slide his hand on the ground driving it to your knee.

Keep doing both actions at the same time until he to tap.

Watches when you will master this move, don’t hurt your opponent, be carefully.


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