Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How use this blog to learn BJJ?

BJJ is ostensibly a simple fight, but it has many subtleties. The best way to
learn BJJ is step by step. First you need to learn the basic skills really well
and only then add complications. I will start by writing about the common basic
situations in a BJJ match. These are: STANDING UP, THE GUARD, CROSSBODY,

The biggest and most frequent mistake when reading an instructional BJJ book,
web site or magazine is to focus solely on the pictures, as invariably the more
important points are only captured in the writing. Of course the photos help a
lot in the learning process, but pay most attention to the words.

The BJJ learning process is like building a chain; you make progress link by
link. It doesn’t help you if someone shows you a high-level movement if you
don’t have the basic building blocks to provide the link into that particular

I will provide information step by step like building a chain. It may be basic
for someone that has intermediate or advanced level. But after 18 years of
studying BJJ when I read the BASICS section in a BJJ book or magazine, I am
often able to learn a new subtlety. Use the photos and focus on my text.


Blogger miltownkid said...

I'm looking forward to getting more tips from your blog. I agree 100% about learning things step by step. I LOVE "mastering" the basics. It was my Kung Fu teacher that told me "If done right, mastering just one kick can beat everyone."

1:03 AM  

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