Saturday, November 25, 2006

Lesson 4 - Posture Inside the Opponent's Close Guard

You are inside your opponent’s close guard with your knees on the ground and the most important thing there is keep your posture for a good handwork to pass his guard. Don’t try passing his guard before acquire a good and stable posture. If you are felling without balance forget pass his guard. Focus in your own posture and balance.

To help you to do that try imagine a yellow rectangle. His 4 corners are opponent’s nipples and hipbones. You must to do handwork to pass his guard inside this rectangle. So you able to grab on opponent’s lapels, belt and pant (I prefer lapels). Don’t grab his collar because it is outside “The Rectangle”. Your hands must are grabbing something never let your hands open and free (I am talking about gi game). Never put your hands on the ground, if your opponent yank your lapels breaking your posture use your elbows on the ground to recover your posture, again never put your hands on the ground.

Now “The Rectangle” is tattooed in your mind lets go to another point.

Try imagining now a “Red Line” starts at opponent’s nose and finishing at his tailbone, passing in-between his chest, over his belly button and so. This line divides “The Rectangle” in two parts. Your hands must respect this line, don’t across it. Both hands working inside “The Rectangle” and each hand respecting their own side of “Red Line”. You will be able to set your grip over the line sometimes but never crossing the line.

Why I need respecting this “Red Line”? Because your opponent’s goal is put your arm on diagonal (crossing the line) to arm bar you, sweep you or just to break your posture and you need avoid it.

To increase this ability practice only this part of game like one guy doing posture and other one trying break it. All the time keep “The Yellow Rectangle” and “The Red line” on your mind. Start with no full power and speed. Remember both of you are getting confidence. You must cooperate instead of compete each other at the first time.

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