Sunday, December 24, 2006

Lesson 9 - Open Guard Standing Up Without Any Sleeve

On lesson 5 we saw a way to open and pass guard controlling one opponent’s sleeve, but some times your opponent won’t give to you his sleeve he can hide it putting both hands behind his neck and if you try get his sleeve from there you will expose your arm or your back. So we will see now a way to do almost the same thing on lesson 5 but standing up without to control the opponent’s sleeves.

You are on defensive posture inside opponent’s guard like we saw on lesson 4.

You want to stand up so you need to set a posture more offensive. Hold both of his lapels with one of your hands (over the yellow line like we saw on lesson 4), with your other hand do a grip on his pant or belt setting it over his hip bone. Keep pressing your fists against him in consequence him against the ground.

Now is time to stand up, and to do that in balance and stable you must put one foot on the ground each time. Your first foot on the ground must to be of the same side of your hand is controlling opponent’s lapels, because with this hand you can avoid him to hug your leg. An other point at this moment is get up fast don’t stuck with one foot and one knee on the ground. All the time pressing your fists against him, and him against the ground.

Now you are stood up you need a standing posture with your backbone straight take off his lapels and set this hand in-between your butt and his locked ankles. Deep your arm with your palm facing your butt, don’t grab nothing let this hand free. Shake your hip up and down shortly (not forward and backward and not side to side) at the same time keep deepening your arm in-between his legs trying cupping his thigh with your free hand. With your other elbow (the same arm that setting on his pants close his hip bone) force a little bit against his knee. Keep your hip shaking UP and DOWN SHORTLY. His locked ankles will open.

Detail of your hand in-between your butt and his locked ankles.

When it’s happen finish a tide cup on his thigh pressing it against your biceps. Don’t let his thigh to go over your shoulder. And the wrist of the hand that is setting on his pant, must to be close of your hip because at this moment you have a high risk to receive a triangle choke. Don’t let his hip slide to the ground keep it close your hip let only his shoulders plates on the ground.

Almost at the same time forget his pant (close to his hip) and drive this hand in-between your hip and his hip, doing a grip on his pant again, but now close to his tailbone. After that the rest will be exactly like lesson 5.

Only when you will be secure with this grip on his butt (avoiding triangle choke) forget your hand cupping his thigh and with this hand palming down reaching the opponent’s opposite collar doing a good grip and set your forearm on his neck.

Trap his leg using your shoulder and head. Drive his leg to his face like trying to put his knee in his face. At the same time lift his but with your hand over there and force your forearm on his neck (sometimes if he is not protect him self he will tap at this point). Put your knee on the ground at the same side of your forearm on his neck. Move slowly with this knee and your other foot to his side, keeping his leg trapped and pressing his knee against his face.

As soon as you will be on his side change the action on his butt. Instead of lifting his butt, push it to the ground keeping his leg trapped with your head and shoulder. He will be on a really uncomfortable situation and you just need give to him a gap on his leg drive your chin up and let it go to achieve the side control situation.


Blogger ams1382000 said...

very good

11:49 PM  
Blogger Quico said...

E ai Pedro.. tudo bem? A primeira passagem que aprendi foi com um dos bracos controlados..

Nao ha a possibilidade do adversario agarrar as duas pernas e ir para a frente? Como e a defesa?

Grande abracao..

Quico "Brutal"

6:23 AM  

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