Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lesson 8 - Arm Bar from Mount

Here in Brazil we call arm-lock. It is an English word but in US they call arm-bar, I don’t know why!

I will show one simple way to do it first. Like with other moves on this website I will start to show a simple way first and latter we will see again with other details and others complex ways to do the same move.

Here we go! You are on mount and your opponent gave to you his arm.

You will involve his arm using your arm at the same side, grabbing your own collar. Make sure you are pressing your elbow against his elbow, and everything against your chest. Scroll up your mount blocking his triceps with your thigh.

At this moment just to figure out the next step, pay attention on a detail: Your opponent has two arms, one that is controlled and other one that is free.

Set your foot on the ground at the same side of his free arm; make sure your heel will be really tied on his ribs. Set your free hand on opponent’s chest. Open your groin setting your crotch close to his shoulder. Slide your knee on the ground getting close of the top of his head, and pointing your tailbone to out side, facing his free arm (turning your whole body).

Now think on a drawing compass. A drawing compass has two legs, one with a needle and other one with graphite lead. When you are using a compass you fix the needle on paper and let the graphite lead slide making a circle. So on this spot your hand on his chest and your foot on the ground both will be the “needle” and your other leg that is with knee close to the top of his head will be the “graphite lead”. You need set your “graphite lead” leg over the opponent’s face and sit down on the ground. One important point here is set your thigh over the opponent’s face before, and sits down on the ground latter (almost at the same time but fraction of second latter). It is really important keep your crotch close to his shoulder during the whole action.

Use your back muscle to lie down.

When you are ling down make sure to hold his wrist don’t letting it twists. Keep his thumb pointing to ceiling.

As soon as you will be lied down set your head and heels on the ground. Make sure his wrist is tied on your chest. Drive your hip up until he tap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

youre not suppose to lock ankles or put head down on mat

3:27 AM  

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